Postponed until Spring 2018


Ubuntu Innovations presents the first annual Ubuntu Summit. We are seeking inventors who have creations that can benefit humanity and are interested in developing, manufacturing, and marketing their inventions. We have a unique approach to partnering with the inventor by implementing the Contributionism model founded by Michael Tellinger.

We are postponing the event until Spring 2018 to give us more time to explore the current inventor submissions as well as keep it open for new ones.

A quick summary of how we will develop and market your inventions under the Contributionism Model:

Ubuntu Innovations brings together investors and inventors through the Contributionism Model to initiate a new way of creating and sharing inventions with the world.

It works like this:

After full agreement between investor and Innovations, the selected inventions are manufactured, either in a partner manufacturing facility or one that is built for this purpose. The manufacturing facility gets its labor from the Ubuntu community members in the local town where the facility is located. Members of the Ubuntu community contribute 3 hours per week toward working in the factory, producing the invention.

In return for their contributed time, the Ubuntu community members receive the products that are produced, as well as receiving 1/3 of the profits of all the products that are sold.

The inventor, and investors, share in 1/3 of the profits of all the products that are sold.

The remaining one-third of the profits goes to the Ubuntu Community for re-investment.

Due to the "free" labor, we are able to sell the products at a significantly lower price, making it more affordable for everyone to own one of these products and spreading the new technology quickly around the country and perhaps the world. Learn more about One Small Town / Contributionism at


  • Participants are referred to in this context as CREATOR.
  • All entries and applications must be done on the website
  • Participants can submit as many inventions/creations as they wish.
  • By entering the competition CREATORS agree to all terms and conditions regarding this competition as outlined on the online submission form
  • You must be the CREATOR of what is being submitted by you or you must have written permission from the CREATOR to submit their creation on their behalf.
  • All intellectual property rights for the creations submitted will be retained by the CREATOR. Your submission is held confidential and will not be publicly disclosed.
  • Inventions that are selected for the Summit will have an inventors agreement that clearly defines the working relationship with the CREATOR.
  • Ubuntu Innovations goal is to find the most appropriate manufacturing and distributions partner for the invention that includes capital and manufacturing capabilities and negotiate the best possible deal for the CREATOR.
  • We are accepting invention submissions from everywhere in the world.
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